What Does an Orthodontist Do?

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An orthodontist is a special kind of dentist that corrects misaligned teeth for an optimal smile and bite. In other words, orthodontists are responsible for helping patients achieve their best smile. In this blog post, we will explain what orthodontists doand what kinds of patients benefit most from their treatment. For further information on the benefits of orthodontics, we recommend you consult with Armbrecht & Wierenga Orthodontics.

Why do people seek orthodontic treatment?

Many parents seek orthodontic treatment for their children when it’s obvious that the teeth are growing in crooked. Correcting the smile can help improve self-esteem and eliminate discomfort while chewing. Uncorrected bites could lead to improper wear patterns of the teeth, causing dental discomfort.

Even if the teeth don’t interfere with chewing properly, many people appreciate having a straight smile. When you meet people for the first time, they often base their first impressions off of your smile. People with crooked or crowded teethoften face stigma from people who make snap judgments.

Who do orthodontists treat?

While the majority of orthodontist patients are children, adults can be treated as well. The reason why children are more prevalent in the orthodontist’s office is because it is easier to move teeth into proper alignment when they are just starting to grow in.

While adults are still able to receive orthodontic intervention, the treatment process might be more involved. An orthodontist will also have to consider age-related issues that don’t apply to children.

How do orthodontists plan treatment?

A knowledgeable orthodontist examines teeth and jaws to determine what needs to be corrected to give the patient the best smile possible. While planning treatment, an orthodontist may take x-rays or molds of your teeth so that they can get a better picture of how your teeth are misaligned. With this information, the orthodontist creates a feasible plan and explains it in a way that’s easy to understand for their patients.

How do orthodontists treat their patients?

Patients are fitted with either metal or clear braces, depending on the patient’s preference and the level of treatment needed. The braces are designed to exert enough pressure on your teeth to move them into optimal alignment. During each appointment, your orthodontist will make slight adjustments so that your teeth move according to plan.

Your orthodontist may also decide that orthodontic appliances are necessary. For example, an orthodontic expander may need to be used to create more space for all of your teeth or to help promote healthy breathing. After your bite is corrected, the braces will be removed and you will have to wear a retainer at night to prevent teeth from reverting to their original position.

What other dental issues do orthodontists treat?

In addition to correcting crooked teeth, orthodontists also help people with jaw pain, sleep apnea, or gum disease.

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