5 Myths About Orthodontic Treatment

5 Myths About Orthodontic Treatment Grand Rapids MI

Our Grand Rapids, MI, orthodontists are often surprised by some of the myths that prevent people from getting the smile they’ve always wanted. Above all else, we want you to know the facts about straightening your teeth before choosing metal braces, ceramic braces, or clear aligners.

Here are 5 myths about orthodontic treatment debunked to give you confidence about scheduling that first appointment.

Myth #1: It Can Take Years to Straighten Teeth

You may be able to enjoy straighter teeth much sooner than you think. The timeframe of your treatment will depend on how much our orthodontists need to move your teeth and jaws. For example, some patients may have braces on for 2 years, but it’s not uncommon for that to shorten to a year or less if issues are minimal.

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Whether you get traditional braces or clear aligners, our orthodontists will carefully plan and monitor your treatment to safely move your teeth. How long it takes may also depend on your compliance with your treatment program. For example, Invisalign® aligners need to be worn 20 to 22 hours a day in order to reposition your teeth according to plan.

Myth #2: Only Braces Can Get the Job Done

Braces, whether they’re metal or ceramic, have long been proven to be effective at correcting misaligned teeth and bites. There are plenty of patients who choose the standard route for treatment but those who don’t like the look of brackets and wires may feel left out. That’s why our orthodontists also offer Invisalign.

Like the name suggests, Invisalign consists of nearly invisible aligners or trays that fit over your teeth and move them little by little into perfect alignment. They’re a great option for anyone, teen or adult, who wants to straighten their smile discreetly.

Since the aligners are not cemented or adhered to your teeth, you’ll need to remove them to brush, floss, and eat. Besides those circumstances, you should wear these aligners 20 to 22 hours a day to ensure your teeth straighten on schedule.

Myth #3: Only Children & Teens Qualify for Orthodontic Treatment

Despite what you may have heard, age is not a barrier to entry for orthodontic treatment. In fact, more and more adults are discovering the benefit of transforming their smiles outside of their teenage years. 

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If you’re worried about feeling self-conscious with adult braces, keep in mind that we also offer clear aligners. Many of our patients appreciate clear aligners because they’re subtle enough to go unnoticed by family, friends, and coworkers. Ceramic braces are also more subtle than traditional metal braces.

Myth #4: Braces Only Change Your Appearance

Crowded teeth are more than just a cosmetic issue — they can also affect your oral health.

Plaque causes both cavities and gum disease, and it’s more likely to build up between teeth that are difficult to floss. Even brushing your teeth can be difficult when you have overlapping teeth. Thankfully, braces and Invisalign move teeth so it’ll be easier to practice good oral hygiene.

Additionally, unresolved bite issues can cause jaw pain in the long term. If you feel pain when you bite down, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with one of our orthodontists as soon as possible. For example, overbite correction can help you avoid pain or difficulty when biting, chewing, or talking.

Myth #5: You Can Safely Straighten A Smile Without an Orthodontist

The most dangerous myth about orthodontics is that you can safely move teeth without the careful expertise of a qualified orthodontist.

The truth is that using a DIY kit off of the internet may cause permanent damage to your smile. By far, the safest way to improve your smile is to see an orthodontist, like ours, for professional treatment. We’ll make sure your teeth are correctly moved into optimal alignment so you can smile with confidence.

Get a Straighter, Healthier Smile

Our orthodontists in Grand Rapids, MI, are dedicated to helping you achieve your best smile through braces, clear aligners, or another form of orthodontic treatment. Call Armbrecht & Wierenga Orthodontics today at (616) 455-4800, or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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