Will Braces Change How I Look

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Both metal and ceramic braces move crooked teeth into better alignment, but that’s not all they can do. Orthodontic treatment courtesy of our Grand Rapids, MI, orthodontists can also correct any bite issues you may have as well as help bring your jaw forward (or back) for a better profile.

Here are 4 ways braces can change how you look and help you smile with confidence.

Braces Can Enhance:

1. Crooked or Crowded Teeth

Crooked teeth don’t just affect the appearance of your smile; they also affect your oral health. Braces (and Invisalign® clear aligners for that matter) work by exerting enough pressure on your teeth to move them into optimal alignment over time.

As your treatment progresses, you’ll notice your teeth starting to shift. Crooked teeth will start to straighten out and go to their proper positions. Ultimately, fixing a crooked smile will also help you practice good oral health. This is because it’s much easier to brush and floss your teeth when they don’t overlap.

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2. Overbite

An overbite can make you look as though you don’t have a chin. People with overbites also tend to have protruding upper lips and sunken cheeks.

Thankfully, our orthodontists can use ceramic or metal braces and other oral appliances to bring your jaw forward. So much of your appearance depends on the underlying jawbone and teeth. You might be surprised by how different you could look after we correct your overbite.

3. Underbite

An underbite can make your chin stick out or make it look like your jaw is too big for your face. You may also have an underbite if your bottom lip sticks out farther than your upper lip.

Our orthodontists will be able to come up with a plan to straighten your teeth and move your jaw back so you can achieve a natural-looking profile. While most of our patients come to us for straighter teeth, many don’t realize their jaws also play a role in how their face looks.

4. Open Bite

Do your teeth look larger than they actually are? Do you have trouble touching your upper and lower teeth? If you answered yes to either question, our orthodontists may diagnose you with an open bite.

An open bite can also make it difficult to close your mouth naturally. You’re more at risk for an open bite if you had tongue thrust (tongue presses too far forward in the mouth) or sucked your thumb for too long as a child.

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The sooner we can treat an open bite, the better. If your child has an open bite, our orthodontists can help their jaws grow more evenly and encourage them to break bad oral habits like thumb sucking.

Transform Your Look With Braces

If you have ever felt self-conscious about your smile, you owe it to yourself to schedule an appointment with our orthodontists in Grand Rapids, MI. It’s never too late to straighten your teeth.

For example, adult braces can be used well after high school so you can get the smile you’ve always wanted. If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of wearing metal braces, we also offer clear aligner treatment using Invisalign®.

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